Medical society meetings are increasingly facing online attacks from fraudsters looking to gain information about their attendees, or even access to their email accounts.

A “fraud alert” published on the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) website in late September warned members to watch out for emails from scammers. Many involve phishing scams offering attendee lists to members planning to go to this month’s Scientific Congress in Baltimore.

“If you receive an e-mail solicitation offering a pre-attendee or attendee e-mail meeting list,” the alert said, “do not respond and delete it immediately. This is a phishing scam and attempt to gain information and entrance into your email portal.”

These kinds of emails are one way scammers are targeting medical meetings, which are increasingly being held in-person once again following a pandemic-induced moratorium. These attacks are not new, but are more aggressive, according to ASRM.

“It’s another battlefield for cyber warfare,” said Paul Jordan, who directs IT for the society. “They’re not going to go away. It’s a constant moving target.”

ASRM has seen a heightened volume of scamming this year, said Jordan and Sean Tipton, the organization’s chief advocacy, policy, and development officer. Tipton attributed this increase to the roughly 18-month hiatus separating in-person meeting seasons, speculating that many scammers…

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