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Scammers trying to trick cashiers, Union County authorities warn

EL DORADO, Ark. (KNOE) – The Union County Sheriff’s Department has passed along a warning that concerns businesses in the Arkansas/Texas/Louisiana region.

The warning says scammers are trying to trick cashiers into thinking they are paying for the items they’ve brought to the register, even though they are doing no such thing.

The warning originates out of Texarkana, Texas, at the Arkansas state line, where authorities say they’ve had reports of this scam being pulled off a few times in the area. Given the ArkLaMiss’ proximity to the ArkLaTex area, you should be cognizant of the scam so you catch it before it catches you.

The scam begins when the scammer tries to pay with a fake or non-functioning credit or debit card:

“Here’s essentially how it works… As the store clerk is ringing up the purchase, the suspect places the credit/debit card in the reader. Because the card doesn’t really have any information on it, the transaction takes longer to go through than the clerk expects. After a few seconds of waiting, the suspect tells the clerk that the card has “two-step verification” and says that there are cashier instructions on the back of the card to complete the transaction. They hand the card to the clerk and trick them into following those instructions – to enter the amount of the transaction and then hit the cash button on the register. What they are unwittingly doing at that point is telling register that the purchase is being paid with cash. However,…

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