CRESTVIEW — Instead of working, unscrupulous people dream up scams to part the unsuspecting from their money.

Here are some scams — some old, and some new — that are currently making the rounds. I experienced the first one last week.

I received five text messages supposedly from Hancock-Whitney Bank that said: “FRM: Hancock-Whitney Bank-ALERTS. SUBJ: Call: (858)751-7636 #Now ID: 848. MSG: Your card is restricted! srnp.”

Now this is all very interesting, except for one major flaw — we don’t have any type of card with Hancock-Whitney Bank.

Please don’t ever call a number from an unsolicited text message as this is a scam and someone is looking to steal your hard earned money.

If you suspect there is a problem with your debit or credit card, call the bank or credit card company from a printed statement you received from them.

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