CHICAGO — More victims are reaching out to the I-Team about scams preying on people using the popular money transfer tool Zelle after an I-Team investigation into a scheme in August.

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Scammers are using transfer apps for different scams which can cost you thousands of dollars. Here’s how you can avoid all of them.

The first and most important tip is: Never Zelle yourself.

“It’s just scary because he had my name, date of birth and my account number. Like who the heck would have all that information?” said Demi Woods of McHenry, Illinois.

Woods lost $3,500 after getting what she thought was a call from her bank. Her caller ID showed, “Bank of America,” but Instead it was a scammer telling her that there were thousands of dollars in so-called fraudulent withdrawals from her account via Zelle.

“They even said over the phone, ‘whatever code you get, we are not going to ask you for so don’t tell me the code.’ So I don’t know how much more legit it could sound,” she said.

The caller told her to Zelle herself to get the money back, which would cancel the alleged fraudulent transactions.

“It had my first and my last name in the “to” section and the “from” section. And then after I hit send all of a sudden, the two sections changed to some bank I’ve never heard of,” said Woods.

The FBI warns that criminals are using this trick to create a false sense of security.

“You think it’s safe; you’re…

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