All crews will be fully vaccinated, working around the clock to ensure the project is done on time. If not, the contractor will face massive fines.

YORK COUNTY, S.C. — The southbound lanes of the Catawba River Bridge on I-77 in York County, South Carolina, will be closed for a few weeks for a major construction project. 

Despite the usual delays we’re used to seeing with big projects, the South Carolina Department of Transportation has several measures in place to make sure this gets completed on time. Construction begins May 6 and is expected to last about three weeks. That’s about half the time state officials originally projected.

SCDOT says they’re confident the bridge will be done on schedule but construction projects almost always deal with delays. Why should anyone expect the Catawba River Bridge to be any different? 

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First, crews will be working 24 hours a day. They’re also all staying in a local hotel, very close to the construction site. The workers are all fully vaccinated, too. That’s important because it means COVID-19 won’t be a reason the project is delayed. 

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