A crooked financial advisor serving time for plundering millions of pounds from peoples’s pensions and life savings has instructed new lawyers to represent him in a proceeds of crime action.

Alistair Greig, 67, was jailed in April 2020 for carrying out a Ponzi scam which sucked in dozens of individuals in the Aberdeen area to place their funds in “guaranteed” high interest accounts.

But he used the cash to fund his own lavish lifestyle with top of the range cars and no expense spared trips to see English premiership matches.

Prosecutors believe he made more than £21 million during his criminal career and are hoping to recover some of Greig’s ill gotten gains with an action brought under proceeds of crime laws.

However, on Monday, it emerged that Mr Greig has instructed a new legal team to represent him in the legal action.

He has dispensed with the services of advocate Mark Moir QC and instructed the Vice Dean of the Faculty of Advocates Ronnie Renucci QC to represent him.

Mr Renucci will be assisted by junior counsel Ximena Vengoechea.

On Monday, Mr Renucci asked judge Lord Weir to continue the case against Greig until November 1 this year.

Mr Renucci said: “There has been a change of agency in this case. I am asking your lordship to continue this case to a further pre-determination hearing on November 1 so we can read up on the papers and documents which have been lodged in this case.”

Greig was earlier unanimously found…

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