The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is calling on Filipinos to secure their future through smart and sustainable investments, as it leads the celebration of the 2021 Investor Protection Week.

From Nov. 8 to 12, the SEC will celebrate the Investor Protection Week with webinars and other activities aimed at raising the level of financial literacy among Filipinos and thereby empowering them to invest for and to scam-proof their future.


The SEC will highlight the variety of legitimate and accessible investment options where Filipinos can place their hard-earned money, such as stocks, bonds, government securities, and mutual funds. At the same time, it will continue educating Filipinos on how they could spot and avoid investment scams.

“In this year’s Investor Protection Week, we invite Filipinos to join our advocacy for a secure future through smart and sustainable investments, and become investor champions themselves,” SEC Chairperson Emilio B. Aquino said.

SEC Chairperson Emilio B. Aquino

He added that, “Being an investor champion means being able to realize the benefits of investing, to spot and avoid fraudulent investment schemes, and to champion others by passing on your knowledge about legitimate investment options and the modus operandi of scammers to keep them from falling into the trap.”

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