WASHINGTON – With the 2022 tax season and the holidays rapidly
approaching, the Internal Revenue Service, state tax agencies and the
nation’s tax industry today announced a special week focusing attention
on taxpayers protecting sensitive financial information against identity

Working together as the Security Summit,
the coalition of the IRS, the states and the nation’s tax community
plan the 6th Annual National Tax Security Awareness Week to take place
from November 29–December 3. The announcement coincides with
International Fraud Awareness Week coming to a conclusion.

The Summit partners warned that taxpayers and tax professionals face a
heightened risk in coming months as fraudsters continue to use the
pandemic as a way of tricking people into sharing sensitive personal
information by email, text message and online. Identity thieves can use
that information to try filing tax returns and stealing refunds.

As Security Summit partners have increased their joint defenses
against identity theft, including through the Identity Theft Information
Sharing and Analysis Center (ISAC), fraudsters have increasingly looked
for ways to obtain sensitive personal financial information to help
slip past common defenses. That has made tax professionals – who hold
valuable tax information for their clients – a tempting target for scam

“The nation’s tax community has successfully joined forces to protect
taxpayers through the Security Summit…

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