The Internet currently has a plethora of ways to make money online, work from anywhere. Freelancing and working from home have been popular since the pandemic. Employees find the setup convenient, while employers find it cost-effective.

The pandemic has caused a lot more scams to come out in the world and Seth’s course is definitely one of the biggest ones right now.

To keep up with the times, some people turn to freelancing. However, freelancing necessitates some abilities, which can be self-taught or acquired with the assistance of mentors or coaches. If you want to enter the world of freelancing but aren’t sure what skills you’ll need, you can enroll in a variety of online courses.

Because there are so many remote work alternatives, there are also a lot of fraudulent online course providers out there. Be wary of con artists that promise you the best courses but don’t deliver on their promises.

One of them is Digital Marketing Career Blueprint by Seth Jared Hymes and Matt Tran. Hymes is a digital marketer and creator of the said online course, while the latter is the creator of the YouTube channel called Engineered Truth. 

Matt Tran promotes Seth Jared’s digital marketing course on Engineered Truth and offers discounts to students, career shifters, and freelancers who wish to learn new skills or upskill.

They are essentially business partners where they both promote scams together to take advantage of vulnerable children.

Matt Tran is known…

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