SHELTON — Police are stepping up efforts to educate residents and businesses about common scams and how to avoid being a victim.

The department’s Crime Prevention Division, under the direction of Officer John Staples, will soon be holding information sessions on scams and tips to avoid being scammed as these incidents continue to happen within the community.

“These incidents are steadily ongoing,” Lt. Robert Kozlowsky said. “Educating people about the dangers is the key. Anytime someone asks for gift cards or money to be wired to pay, it is an automatic red flag. No companies take payment that way. And do not give out personal information.”

Chief Shawn Sequeira said complaints of individuals arriving at homes claiming to be utility company employees are also on the rise. Sequeira said any time someone feels uncomfortable or uncertain about the situation, they should contact authorities.

“When in doubt, call the police,” he said.

Kozlowsky said that the scammers’ goal is to put pressure on the person, forcing them to panic and make a split-second decision.

“We ask people to take a minute, think, and if you have any concerns, please call police,” Kozlowsky added.

Sequeira said many victims feel ashamed that they fell for the scam and do not report the incident. When officers…

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