South Jacksonville Police say that a recent mailer sent to several residents asking them to join an online neighborhood page is legitimate.

South Jacksonville residents received letters last week asking them to join a free app called Nextdoor. The letters were addressed to either Michigan or Greenwood Streets and came from an address on Bonnie Lane.

On Friday, South Jacksonville Police posted an excerpt of the letter on the department’s Facebook page to alert residents with concerns that the department was looking into the matter.

South Jacksonville Chief of Police, Eric Hansell says police were approached by a Village Trustee who had received one of the letters from their neighbor who had concerns if the website was legitimate.

Hansell says after looking into the matter, the website indeed appeared to be legitimate. He says the announcement Friday was out of an abundance of caution while police checked it out due to the increased reports of scams since the start of the pandemic.

We looked into the person listed as Your Neighbor in the letter living on Bonnie Lane, and the police department has not had any contact with that person, and no way to contact them by phone. So we just basically put out on our Facebook page- hey look, there is a mailing that is going around town. We don’t know that it’s legitimate, we don’t know that it’s not legitimate.

But neighbors should be concerned about…

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