RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — With the online holiday shopping season ramping up, police and others are warning about the prevalence of a couple of customer service scams involving Amazon.

The first scam is in the form of an email supposedly from Amazon claiming it couldn’t process a recent payment and needs you to verify your personal and payment information.

This is a phishing scam, pure and simple, and it’s one of several scams which have exploded across cyberspace in recent weeks.

There are two clues that are tip-offs to this fake email scam.

First, look at the corporate name in the email. In this case, Amazon is spelled wrong. It’s spelled “Amazon” missing the second “A.”

Here’s the second tip. Hover your mouse over the mail address of the sender. You will see the real sender is not Amazon.com, but rather a hijacked email address the scammer is using to spoof the real thing.

The other Amazon scam is more active, involving a fake Amazon Customer service representative.

That person calls people out of the blue, saying he needs to remove some fraudulent items they’ve discovered on your Amazon account.

That’s what happened to Johnnie Breen.

“He needed to get into my phone to fix things,” she said. “He acted like a hero.”

Here’s how he did it. He…

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