A new scam is in progress against Unicredit, Intesa Sanpaolo and BNL customers. Let’s find out how to avoid the trap of not losing your money.


big banks From the Italian financial panorama, many have been registered in recent weeks complaints from clients. The accusation is sending communications in which account holders are “scared” by advertising deactivation of various features. In fact, lenders are as victims of a scam as the customers. In fact, e-mail represents a phishing attempte, a computer scam designed to steal sensitive user data Use it to scan accounts and cards.

Beware of the constant phishing scam

It is periodically detected Phishing Attempts At the expense of clients of well-known banks such as Unicredit, Intesa Sanpaolo and BNL. Fraudsters try to deceive personal data, Passwords and PINs of Users in such a way that they can use this information to access and empty checking accounts. This phishing scam, unfortunately, allows you to fulfill the intent where it is placed by sending e-mail It is very similar to the communications that banks usually send. The owner of the distracted account, worried about the contents of the message, would not be inclined to notice some details that would, instead, allow recognition of the fraud attempt.

Details to be aware of

Scammers are trying to take advantage Users’ concern To prevent them from thinking about the email received. Therefore, the content of the message is intended to intimidate bank…

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