BEVERLY HILLS, CA — The son of Afghanistan’s former defense minister bought a $20.9 million home in Beverly Hills, and many have used it as an opportunity to critique U.S. involvement in Afghanistan.

Daoud Wardak, son of Abdul Rahim Wardak, bought a five-bedroom house in Trousdale Estates in Beverly Hills, Dirt reported. Wardak’s purchase is being used on Twitter as a display of America’s contribution to corruption in Afghanistan.

The house was last sold to the Woodbridge Group, according to Dirt, an investment group exposed as a massive Ponzi scheme. Woodbridge destroyed the existing house on the lot, and the new house that Wardak bought was developed by Viewpoint Collection as part of Woodbridge’s bankruptcy proceedings.


Wardak was one of the most powerful members of former President Hamid Karzai’s government, the man who became president in 2002 after the U.S. invaded Afghanistan to topple the Taliban regime. Karzai’s government was famously corrupt, The Washington Post reported, in large part due to the United States ignoring the corruption and “doling out vast sums of money with limited foresight or regard for the consequences.”

An analysis of government spending in Afghanistan found that around 40 percent of Defense Department contracts between 2010-2012 “ended up in the pockets of insurgents, criminal syndicates or corrupt Afghan officials.”

Wardak was pushed out of office in 2012 in a Parliamentary effort to clean up this corruption, according to the New…

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