Even with news that the Squid Game crypto was a massive scam with its meteoric rise and sudden fall to near-zero value, people strangely continue to invest in the asset.

According to CoinMarketCap live data, prices of the Squid Game coin, SQUID, still rose 600 percent after the crash and is now trading at $0.078803 or an increase of 338.60 percent in the last 24 hours. It has a trading volume of $101.52 million and a maximum supply of 800 million SQUID coins.

Binance Launches Probe on Squid Game Crypto

This comes after crypto exchange Binance started its probe on SQUID, which was inspired by the hit Netflix series about a deadly competition involving children’s games.

A Binance spokesperson told Gizmodo that the crypto exchange has launched an investigation and explored options to support the community. Binance is set to blacklist addresses to prevent withdrawals from Binance accounts linked to the SQUID scam and deploy blockchain analytics to identify the culprits.

The investigation team, the Binance spokesperson added, will provide their findings to law enforcement for further action.

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SQUID had a massive debut on Monday, November 1, surging by 380,000 percent to $38, which was absolutely phenomenal yet unusual, CoinMarketCap further reported. In the next hours, the price of SQUID further skyrocketed from $89 to $2,861.80.

The SQUID coin’s protocol was developed on the…

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