ST. LOUIS — The search for love can cost you more than time and heartache.

Federal investigators saw a huge increase in the number of romance scams reported over the past year. One of the more high-profile and costly crimes happened in St Louis.

Federal prosecutors said a St. Louis woman in her 60’s was swindled out of $1.2 million after falling in love online.

“She went on one of the dating websites and thought she had met someone that she could build a future with,” said Tracy Berry, Assistant US Attorney for the Eastern District of Missouri.

While the identity of that St Louis woman has not been made public, Berry explains how the scammers adapted their con to fool her.

“[The scammers] used a LinkedIn profile. They use local universities. They use local things that gave her a sense of comfort, that she was dealing with someone that she wouldn’t just have an online relationship with, but that she would be able to meet for coffee or dinner or go to a concert with,” said Berry.

Berry said the victim was conned out of money…

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