A DRIVER has issued a stark warning to other motorists after a group of scammers allegedly poured oil into his car to knock down the price – ripping him off to the tune of £2,500.

John Rico, 56, put his black BMW X5 up for sale on eBay before meeting the potential buyers at his home in Dagenham, East London.  


John has issued a warning to other people trying to flog their motors in the areaCredit: Supplied
Two men bent down by the exhaust of the car and appeared to squirt oil in it


Two men bent down by the exhaust of the car and appeared to squirt oil in itCredit: Supplied

He was initially offered £2,550 for the motor, and agreed with the final bidder that they could come and view the car.

John claims the group distracted him by asking to look at the engine of the car – with CCTV catching the exact moment they carried out the scam.

He told The Sun: “They asked me to move the car, just to check that it was functional and I agreed.

“But as soon as I parked up one of them started saying that oil was coming out of the exhaust.

“Then smoke started billowing from the engine, so we opened the bonnet and more came out. The blokes then said that the head gasket is gone.

“I wasn’t thinking straight, I was panicking as my perfectly fine car had suddenly stopped working and they didn’t want to buy it.”

The three men showed up in the evening and asked to look at the documentation for the car.

John claims that they poured oil into the exhaust and engine while he wasn’t watching – making smoke pour out of the vehicle.

The men then told the…

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