“This bill will provide much-needed resources and services to help American families.  For the first time in American history, families will get universal pre-kindergarten to help children learn and develop as well as financial support for child care.  As a diabetic, I am proud to see that insulin payments will be capped at $35 dollars per month and the bill reduces out-of-pocket costs for other life-saving medications.  In addition, it provides funding to fight climate change and extreme weather events that could help our area avoid future damages from storms like Hurricane Sandy and Tropical Storm Ida.  I applaud President Biden for his leadership to better the lives of millions of Americans through his Build Back Better agenda.  This is a great bill for New Jersey and I am proud to help pass it.”


“Today, I voted for the Build Back Better Act, a blue-collar blueprint for rebuilding the American middle class.

“This historic legislation puts workers and their families first. It was workers who kept us running through the pandemic – from staffing emergency rooms to stocking grocery store shelves – and it is working people who will pull us forward. But despite America’s dependence on hard-working families – they have gotten a raw deal for far too long.

“The Build Back Better Act is a game-changer and a job-generator. It will provide access to affordable, quality child care so parents don’t have to…

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