CALDWELL COUNTY, Mo. — The Duncan family, who lost so much so fast during Sunday’s storms, is still working to clean up the remains of their home.

The storms that quickly came and left, impacted parts of the Kansas City metro and served as a reminder of how quickly storms can turn your home and life inside out.

The storms also served as a reminder of how damage like the Duncan family suffered can also be a target for potential scammers trying to profit off of a terrible situation.

Benjamin Duncan, son to homeowners John and JoEllen, got emotional as he looked at what was left of his childhood home.

“I grew up in this home walking in and seeing the house that we built together as a family it’s kind of heart breaking because a house is a house, but this is my home,” Duncan said.

Duncan, along with his four other sibling, built the house with his parents nearly 20 years ago. Today, he and his family are trying to regroup and rebuild for another 20 years.

“The goal is for them to rebuild, they’d like to rebuild and repair it’s probably going to be a long journey probably 6 – 8 months,” Duncan said.

However, as the family spent Monday with insurance agencies and appraisers’ assessing the damages, Duncan said that he and his parents were warned about potential scammers coming to take advantage of their horrible situation.

“The appraiser actually gave us some tips and tricks as far as locking the front door and putting some screws and kind of putting some things up…

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