JOPLIN, MO– Black Friday is just a week away, with an estimated 158 million people shopping for the holidays. But, supply chain issues are prompting some changes this year, and not necessarily for the better.

Mary Jo Little of Carthage says she almost never stops shopping, and is a self proclaimed “shopaholic.” So she is already working on her Christmas list. She likes to shop local, but also makes purchase on the web. She also admits that she shops online when there is something very specific she needs.

Online shopping is already picking up steam, leading to an increased risk of scams. John Motazedi of SNC2 says, “People are starting to shop sooner and people are looking for places that they can get the deals quicker. And by that, it means they are probably going outside the typical supply chain.”

So if you find an amazing deal on a website you’ve never heard of, it could be a bait and switch. Motazedi says you can always do a google search and see if they are legit, if they have had individuals that have had perhaps issues with delivery or issues with the products and ect.

Make sure you’re following the basic rules for online shopping. Avoid using public wi-fi to make a purchase.
And look for the website icon that shows your transaction is secure. But also watch out for less obvious scams, like an email…

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