SINGAPORE – A youth was just 16 years old when he committed serious crimes including selling his bank accounts that were later used to receive proceeds of investment scams totalling more than $200,000.

Separately, he also acted on behalf of loan sharks multiple times to harass debtors .

The Singaporean, who is now 17, pleaded guilty on Monday (Oct 4) to seven charges for offences including defacing the doors of debtors’ homes with paint and allowing others to use his bank accounts for criminal activities.

He cannot be named as his identity is protected under the Children and Young Persons Act.

The police had previously said they received multiple reports about an investment scam related to several bank accounts between May and August last year.

The victims had made “investments” on online trading platforms after befriending unknown persons online.

After they deposited money into specific bank accounts for the investments, they realised their money was lost or could not be withdrawn from the online trading platforms.

The court heard that the teenager had met someone in a group chat called “Nasi Lemak” on messaging platform Telegram early last year .

Court documents do not state if this was the same group chat that hosted upskirt images. Several men linked to these images had earlier been dealt with in court.

The unknown person offered to buy bank accounts from the teenager who agreed to sell them.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Samuel Chew said: “The accused knew that…

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