Terrifying new scam hitting thousands of Australians involves issuing a warning about your post – here’s how to spot the fraudsters

  • ACCC has issued a warning after over $121,800 lost to scammers this year 
  • Scamwatch warned new scam claiming to be Australian Border Force officer
  • Receiver is told there is a warrant out for arrest and asked for personal details
  • ACCC has told Australians to hang up immediately and report to Scamwatch

Australians are urged to monitor for a new scan targeting thousands of residents, with thieves using your post to steal personal details.   

Scamwatch has received over 4,940 reports of the scam involving someone claiming to be an Australian Border Force (ABF) officer. This year alone, the scam has caused over $121,800 in financial losses.

The scam initially involves an automated message suggesting a parcel addressed to the person has been seized because it contains illegal material.

The message states an arrest warrant has been issued due to the parcel, with the recipient told to dial one to speak with an officer. 

Scamwatch, run by the ACCC, has issued a warning to Australians about a new scam where individuals over the phone claim to be…

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