Scammers may offer prizes, claim problems with their account, or notify them of delivery updates in an attempt to force them to click on a fake link.

According to a mid-2021 report from the call blocking service, text message scams now outnumber phone scams. Robokiller.. Text is the most common type of scam since August 2020.

VERIFY viewers have sent screenshots of text messages suspected of being an example of fraud. Their screenshots showed a text message that started with “AT & T Free Msg” and ended with something that looked like a shortened URL.


Are scammers impersonating AT & T or other companies with text messages?

Source of information


Yes, fraudsters use a fraudulent tactic called “SMiShing” to impersonate carriers such as AT & T, distribution services, and many other companies.

What we found

FCC Scammers say they impersonate companies of all kinds, including subscription services, packaging and mail carriers, banks, government agencies, and service providers such as mobile operators. NS FTC says Scammers try to trick victims with free gifts, false notifications of suspicious activity, and promises of fake package notifications.

Fraudsters are often looking for personal and financial information from victims. This tactic is called “SMiShing” — a combination of SMS and phishing.

NS FTC advice it’s simple. Do not click links in one-sided text messages.

AT & T It also provides FTC and FCC-like warnings to…

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