Scammers and hackers use different tactics to break people’s wallets. However, sometimes they end up breaking their hearts too. This happens through the so-called ‘love’ or ‘romance’ scams. As their name suggests, these scams revolve around sentiments.

With the increasing number of dating apps, these scams have proliferated. Such is their extent that they generate millions of dollars every year. Love scams are here to stay. And the only way to avoid them is through caution. The more you know about them, the easier it is to stay safe. So, learn more about the 3-steps structure of online love scams.

In the US, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) monitors this type of cybercrime. According to their data, these scams reached a record in 2020. This was calculated based on the losses they caused. And the impressive number is $304 million in losses in the US alone.

Scammers know where they can find victims. Naturally, they wouldn’t go searching for a date on LinkedIn. Instead, they use dating apps and websites. Additionally, many find victims on social platforms. 

Scammers may sometimes pick victims randomly. However, some may take time to do their research first. This involves knowing the victim before approaching them. In this case, they look for particular features. For example, people who are easy to approach. With them, striking up a conversation happens naturally. Moreover, those who seem more willing to find a date are also good targets. 

Usually, the…

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