It’s never fun to receive random letters from the IRS.

If there’s one thing I count on in my relationship with the IRS, is that no news is usually good news. So if a random letter shows up in the mail from the IRS, I get a small pit in my stomach. Because it’s either a new scam of some kind, or worse, it’s not at all. Then comes the fear that somehow I owe them more money.

Well, sure enough recently, some Mainers have started seeing some random letters from the IRS, and no, they are not a scam of any kind. However, you might be able to  breathe a small sigh of relief, depending on your tax situation. the letters aren’t a bill, and it’s not asking for more money, but….

It’s not a letter you just wanna throw away and forget about.

These letters have to do with your stimulus check situation when you filed your taxes. There was wording on the tax form that allowed you to declare whether or not you got all your stimulus money. And that if you didn’t, you could deal with the IRS, because they may change your return because the stimmy arrived after your return was filed.

But it’s definitely not asking for money. If you were to owe money, you’d be getting an actual bill from the IRS, according to WMTW. And that would be a different letter, although one you should also not ignore. Strangely, the IRS loves to try and get all the money they think people owe them. Go figure.

If people do get a letter and still need clarification, they should contact the person who prepared their taxes….

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