Mayor Cosmo Veneziale

Pool Season

Despite the ongoing uncertainty brought on by the pandemic, the Garden City Pool had a very successful season. During budget talks, Recreation and Parks Department personnel were unsure what could be accomplished in terms of capacity and availability of the facility. Revenue projections were modest at approximately $590,000. Once the 50 percent capacity restriction was lifted, the Pool sold approximately $929,000 in memberships, according to Commissioner Paul Blake. “We beat our estimates for this year, we did much better than last year and we almost met our numbers for 2019,” he said. “Overall all memberships were up substantially from last year and it was a very successful season financially at the Pool.”

Pedestrian Crossing Warning Signals

The Traffic Commission has approved Police Commissioner Kenneth Jackson’s August 26, 2021 request for pedestrian crossing warning lights, in both directions, at two locations in the Village: Stewart Avenue in front of Village Hall and Seventh Street in front of the Garden City railroad station. These flashing warning lights will alert motorists of the upcoming crossings. “Both roads are very wide and flashing warning signs in both directions are more likely to be noticed by motorists than traditional crosswalk signs,” Commissioner Jackson said. 

Water Update

Water Tower: No work was performed last week. The contractor and H2M met with a neighbor who made objections about damage…

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