Jeff Jarrett, alongside wife Karen Jarrett, formed Global Force Wrestling in April 2014, shortly after Jarrett had sold his minority share in TNA Wrestling to Dixie Carter. This wasn’t the first time Jarrett had started a wrestling company from the ground up, and with the success Jarrett had with TNA, what could possibly go wrong?

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The Birth Of GFW

By August 2014, before even having a roster, GFW had announced partnerships with NJPW, AAA, as well as multiple smaller promotions in Europe, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. As part of New Japan’s relationship with GFW, Wrestle Kingdom 9 was presented on the American PPV market, featuring English commentary from Jim Ross and Matt Striker. This was not a regular occurrence at the time and was seen as a huge boon for GFW.


After the success of the Wrestle Kingdom event, GFW began booking house shows at minor league baseball stadiums. These house shows were not well attended, with the pictures from the events making the shows look very small time.

GFW house show

Undeterred, Jarrett announced a huge TV taping, recorded at the Orleans Arena in Las Vegas on July 24, 2015. The title of the GFW TV show was “Amped” and GFW would film 16 one-hour episodes and would feature tournaments to determine GFW’s first champions. GFW had some big names at the time take part in these tapings…

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