Vigilantes regarding the safe use of electronic services and their information about the modern forms of electronic fraud that prevail on the Internet are called by traders at European and consequently national level due to the rise of modern forms of fraud that prevail on the Internet.

In this context, recommendations are constantly made to traders for thorough information and great attention to communication via email, the provision of personal information to third parties, the choice of PIN and in general in their activity on social media.

Increase in e-commerce to historically high levels and the simultaneous emergence of new forms of fraud

However, at the same time that due to the pandemic, transactions through alternative digital networks have increased rapidly, to historically high levels, a trend that is estimated to remain after the end of the pandemic, new forms of fraud are appearing internationally and in the Hellas.

As typically mentioned on the occasion of the information and public awareness campaign on “cyber scams” launched by Europol, in collaboration with the European Banking Federation (ETO) in the framework of the European Cyber ​​Security Month, in the information material With the cyber fraud typology and prevention methods, the following 4 new forms of fraud have been added: Alleged technical support fraud, electronic fraud through telephone communication, identity theft, and SIM Swapping fraud.

Already in the relevant list were: CEO fraud (CEO…

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