SINGAPORE – Managing personal debt and building a retirement nest egg can often be complicated tasks for the man on the street to grasp, but these are some of the topics The Straits Times Invest has unpacked over the years.

The section bagged an award for media excellence in community investor education at the local Oscars of corporate governance and financial journalism on Tuesday (Oct 12).

Knowledge is the most valuable asset people have – not properties, shares and cash, said ST Invest editor Tan Ooi Boon.

“We want more people to invest in themselves and boost their financial literacy so that they choose and start building a sustainable lifestyle for themselves, based on what they can afford.

“You may have millions today but without a strong foundation, you can lose all tomorrow in a scam or risky investment, or have problems passing it on to the next generation because you miss out on some critical information,” he added.

Singapore Press Holdings was also a runner-up for two prizes – the Singapore Corporate Governance Award and the Most Transparent Company Award – at the 21st edition of the Sias Investors’ Choice Awards.

The Singapore Corporate Governance Award recognises companies that have achieved high standards of corporate governance practices in areas such as sustainability as well as shareholders’ rights and equitable treatment.

The award was won by five companies: Keppel Corp, food and beverage company Del Monte Pacific, Sing Investments & Finance,…

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