For some criminals the elderly in our communities are seen as easy targets – people to be taken advantage of because of their age and vulnerability. So they beat, frighten, exploit, and steal from them.

Being a victim of crime at any age can be a traumatic experience but it can be life-changing for the elderly who often feel they have been singled out because of their age and may never feel safe again.

Here are criminals from across south Wales who preyed on older people and the horrible crimes they committed against them.

The con artist carer

Rhian Horsey

Rhian Horsey stole almost £320,000 from an elderly and vulnerable woman in a scam which lasted five years. The 55-year-old was the trusted carer of the woman and had access to her debit cards. She abused her position of trust to carry out “sudden and significant withdrawals” of thousands of pounds and pocketed the cash, which she spent on luxury holidays for her and her family. She also falsified cheques which she paid to herself and made bank transfers from her victim’s account to her own.

The theft came to light after the victim’s daughter became concerned at the frequency and amounts of cash withdrawals from her mother’s account.

Horsey, of Y Parc, Groesfaen, Pontyclun, was convicted of seven counts of fraud by a jury after a trial at Cardiff Crown Court.

Barrister Jodie-Jane Hitchock, for Horsey, said the defendant was well-regarded in the local community thanks to her…

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