11/23/2021 at 10:32 CET

Europa Press

The Civil Guard has identified a cryptocurrency scammer, creator of the ‘Hodlife’ token, who has been arrested in Latvia after being a fugitive from international justice since 2015. Investigators tracked down a thirty-year-old who was connecting to the Wi-Fi of hotels on the Costa del Sol from Malaga in his attempt not to leave a trace of an operation that, using false identities, managed to gain control of cryptocurrencies worth more than half a million euros, leaving behind more than a thousand affected.

According to the Civil Guard, in the operation of the Department Against Cybercrime of the Central Operational Unit (UCO) it has been possible to identify and detain “one of the largest known cryptocurrency cyber crooks”, a 30-year-old Latvian wanted by international law enforcement agencies since 2015.

The detainee has also been located in other parts of the Spanish geography such as Ibiza or Tenerife, where you enjoyed a high lifestyle, according to sources from the Civil Guard. He came to possess credit cards and bank accounts with false ownership, since a search, arrest and extradition order ordered by the United States in 2015 weighed on him, motivated by the commission of successive scams.

This police force began the investigation for the information collected through open channels to pursue this criminal phenomenon on the rise. After the arrest, it has facilitated the email account…

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