I subscribe to a non-profit newsletter, from Scambusters.org. It’s one of the sources I use to track what’s going on in scam world.

I was looking at their website recently and an article caught my eye, “Why You Shouldn’t Seek Revenge Against Scammers.” That’s something I’ve been warning against for as long as I can remember.

Often people will tell me how they “played with” or “outsmarted” the scammer. My response is always don’t do that. The Scambusters article laid out several scenarios on the risks you take when you try to match wits with a crook.

Here’s one, “A woman looking for a rental apartment on a real estate website crossed swords with a scammer and came off the loser. She’d responded to a fake ad. When she realized it was a scam, she thought she’d let the crook know what she thought of him. But to her dismay, the scammer, who now had her cell phone number, produced scores more fake ads and inserted the woman’s number as the contact point. She was then bombarded with calls for days until she could get her number removed from the website.”

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