….and she is “happy” about that.

Despite her husband Don Lews being declared dead in 2002 Karol Baskin said in a recent interview with ITV she is “glad to hear” the news her husband is here in Costa Rica.

Made famous, or infamous, in the pandemic Netflix hit Tiger King, Baskin’s detractors have long claimed she may be have involved in his disappearance during an awkward break up. Some even insinuated he had been fed him to one or more of the many lions and tigers they kept on their Big Cat refugee in Florida..

Don Lewis was a frequent visitor to Costa Rica back in the 1990s which is covered extensively in the recently released Tiger King 2. He flew his own small plane from the Tampa area  despite having lost his pilots license (twice), often carrying large amounts of cash. Lewis was a fixture in the downtown San Jose party scene and rubbed  elbows with many of the notorious characters of those times. Allegedly he also had a business relationship with the Villalobos Brothers  and their billion dollar Ponzi scheme.

Like many books and films about Costa Rica the country is often sensationalized in the documentary and gives those unfamiliar  with the country a distorted view and dystopian view

At first Baskin sued Neflix to prevent the release of the new season she now seems to have taken a different approach. Perhaps it is because she is also launching her own new platform to promote he ongoing ventures and the timing of the second season would give her…

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