SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KRON) — With the holiday season in full swing, Americans are on pace to receive 157 billion spam calls and texts. 

According to RoboKiller, a mobile app that tracks and eliminates spam calls and text messages — California is a hot spot for cyber scams after receiving approximately 797 million spam texts and 600 million spam calls last month.

“Scammers most often take a spray and pray approach, where they auto dial many random phone numbers at once, hoping someone will answer,” said Giulia Porter, executive leader at RoboKiller.

“Scammers do appear to do their research, targeting this approach at densely populated regions of the United States, of which California is top of the list, to increase their odds of getting a person on the phone with them.”

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is now warning people of holiday shopping risk after online purchase scams accounted for more than a third of all scam reports filed with the bureau. 

According to BBB, online purchase scams consistently rank among the top three riskiest since 2017 — as a significant number of people continue to lose money when targeted by online purchase scams. 

Experts are predicting an earlier start to the 2021 holiday shopping season due to supply chain concerns, microchip shortages, and a lack of holiday hiring. 

Unfortunately, Bay Area residents are no stranger to…

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