While credit cards and digital wallets are safer online, 61% of Oklahomans plan to purchase gift cards as a holiday gift, and 60% purchase gift cards off the rack. Scammers are known to tamper with off-the-rack cards, according to the AARP. (Unsplash photo)

Sharlyn Tincler of Shawnee received an email regarding her Amazon account. It wasn’t the first email she received and it likely won’t be the last. This particular email included a suspicious link that she wisely didn’t click on.

“I get emails about my ‘Amazon’ all the time. Amazon said they won’t email like that nor would they just call out of the blue. That’s why I check my account for messages,” she said.

Barbara Brockhaus of Oklahoma City received a suspicious email from “Paypal” suggesting that her account had been hacked.

“I just received an email saying that my PayPal account had been used for an unauthorized purchase, and if I just called them or clicked on the link, they would get it all taken care of. I’m smarter than that,” she said.

Sheryl Logan of Enid said she’s also bombarded with phishing and scam text messages all the time. She can list them off easily and is so used to the scam attempts that she doesn’t even pay attention to them anymore.

“I get them all the time from fake AT&T, IRS and Social Security ones,” she said. “I’ve even had one a few months ago claiming to be from DHL saying that something I bought couldn’t be shipped. Yeah, I didn’t buy…

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