Toronto police have issued a warning about a scam involving a fake taxi or ride share driver and a fake passenger.

Police say the two individuals appear to be having a heated argument over payment with passenger saying they can only pay with cash, the driver saying he won’t accept it because of COVID-19.

In reality the fake driver and passenger are working together.

Hopkinson says, “they’re relying on someone, some Good Samaritan to come along and solve the problem.”

Palmer says, “within 20 minutes they had taken a $1,000 cash from the ATM.”

The thieves also transferred money from a line of credit and went shopping, spending a total of just over $3,700.

Aminah Sheikh lost, “a little less than $5,000,” she said. She was also given a fake receipt along with her fake card.

Halton Police issued a similar warning last month, and last year, Peel Police broke up a fraudulent taxi operation that they say netted more than $2 million.

Police want the public with be aware, when handing over your card, be sure who you’re handing it too. he hope is that Good Samaritan offers to pay with debit in exchange for the cash and once the card is handed over, it is switched for a fake card.

“When you leave with a fake card, they’re taking your real card and emptying your account,” he says.

Last March, CTV News Toronto shared a number of similar cases like Susan Palmer who didn’t notice the fake card until it was too late.

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