Turkish media reports that authorities there are investigating an alleged Dogecoin mining scam that  pulled the rug on investors after amassing $119 million worth of deposits.

An Aug. 23rd report from local channel TV100 broke the news, with police identifying pseudonymous online avatar “Turgut V.” as the scheme’s suspected operator.

Authorities believe that Turgut and 11 associates managed to gather close to 350 million Dogecoin valued at $119 million before disappearing.

Turgut reportedly solicited investments from 1,500 Turkish citizens, drumming up excitement for the Dogecoin “mining” operation at in-person networking events held at ritzy locations, and by using a Telegram group online. Investors were promised returns of 100% in 40 days and reportedly paid returns for around 3 months.

Investors were told that the Dogecoin they sent would procure new equipment to mine DOGE. Similar to Bitcoin, Dogecoins are created through Proof-of-Work mining, where network participants compete to validate transactions and produce the next block by computationally solving complex equations. The miner that solves the equation mines the network’s next block, also receiving all of the crypto contained within it as a reward.

The operation ran smoothly for its first three months, with early investors receiving their returns as promised. However, after the scheme’s total value locked (TVL) peaked at 350 million Dogecoin during its fourth month, the funds reportedly…

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