Twitch is a different kind of place. Many people from my generation – the so-called “Millenials” – and arguably the majority of Gen X who came before us – tend to have a hard time understanding why it is so popular. We, the old-school fellas if you will, are accustomed to playing the games ourselves, not watching people smash buttons. With that said, many of us watched bigger kids give hell to the arcade machines when we were too young to play, beating the difficult games of the ’90s with a single coin. It seems that we have somehow transferred that early hobby, our lineage, to the next generation in a way. The amusement that comes from watching good gamers appears to have manifested itself in Gen Z’s Twitch obsession.

After my genealogy-focused, totally ignorant, guess as to why people love to watch others play games on Twitch, let’s get to our subject today: the scandal that has the Turkish Twitch community boiling.

Bits and more bits

For those unfamiliar with how Twitch works, I’ll try my best to explain.

Twitch is a community-driven platform where people can support their favorite streamers with actual money. You can follow any streamer and watch for free if you like, but if you do decide to subscribe to them, that will cost you money.

If you’re totally committed to a streamer and you want to support them even more, you can “cheer them with bits.” Bits are a virtual good on the platform that you buy for actual money, and you…

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