If residents suspect they have been duped, they must immediately contact their bank

In a new trick, phone scammers have been telling residents that they are among those being honoured by authorities for participating in the recently concluded National Sterilisation Programme, authorities have said.

Abu Dhabi Police urged residents not to respond to suspicious phone calls, texts or emails. These calls or text messages are typically from scammers asking for bank account or credit card details to steal residents’ cash.

“The scammers want to lure the victims through this misleading information to obtain their bank account information and use the details to steal money from their bank accounts,” police said.

These scammers might also say that the person’s ATM card has been blocked or that their personal details need to be updated by the bank.

“Sometimes they claim that the customer has won a cash prize and they want to transfer the money to their bank account even when they didn’t take part in any draw or any competitions,” police said in a statement.

Police added: “People have been advised not to disclose their credit card and bank account details to other people and not to respond to calls and suspicious messages.

“Residents should not share their confidential information with anyone, whether their online banking passwords, ATM PINs, security number (CCV) or passwords.”

If a resident suspects that they have given out their personal…

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