FAKE Amazon phone calls are baiting unsuspecting customers to share personal information to collect sham refunds and take them for “thousands of dollars.

Cops have warned of the con, which involves a caller claiming to be a legitimate Amazon representative and query the customer about their recent purchases. 


Fraudulent Amazon calls are conning customers to get them to share personal information for sham refundsCredit: AFP
People who get suckered end up getting duped for thousands of dollars


People who get suckered end up getting duped for thousands of dollarsCredit: Alamy


After rattling off the list, the customer is likely to deny the purchase. 

That’s when the fraud Amazon representative then presses for the person to supply a debit or credit card number so that the purchase can be refunded and deleted.  

In the past three weeks the police in Ohio are reporting seeing a spike in complaints from unsuspecting victims falling prey to this exact Amazon refund scam.

Last Friday, a Huron County resident was dubbed out of $4,000 by the scam, Sheriff Kelly Hanson said, according to WNEM.

“That was on top of the several other thousands of dollars that other residents have recently lost because of this same scam,” Hanson added. 


Kelly is now warning his local community to be vigilant whenever Amazon comes calling or sends an email seeking to retrieve critical passwords and access to various accounts.

“Any customer that receives a questionable email, call or text from a person…

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