Tough times are indeed a rich ground for scammers… Reportedly 10,000 Zimbabweans lost an estimated US$30 million to Ponzi Schemes this year.

“At least 10,000 complainants reportedly lost over US$30 million between them. We have handled some 892 such cases involving thousands of complainants. The scammers quickly disappear after swindling the unsuspecting investors. Millions of dollars were lost, some lost houses while others committed suicide upon discovering they would have been duped. We have handled suicide cases related to Ponzi schemes”

ZRP Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyati (via The Herald)

According to the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) the following shady enterprises were responsible for the loss of over 30 million United States dollars:

  • Beven Capital, involved in a US$17,823,000 scam of 2,000 people and the chief suspects are on the run
  • Bitcoin Interchange Zimbabwe where 43 people reported being swindled of US$765,935.
  • Delight Credit is under investigation for the loss of US$100,000
  • Elamant Global which we repoted on last year swindled “investors” of US$80,000 and an additional R150,000
  • Manifest Global Marketing is accused of ripping off 902 people of US$1,500,000
  • Eaul Peter Capital’s scheme robbed 600 people of US$843,000
  • Madzimai Akarongeka made off with US$23,300
  • KDW Investments defrauded 1,590 people of US$192,000
  • Cryptal Shares allegely swindled 5 people of US$5,000
  • May Investements is under investigation concerning US$5,000 it took from two…

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