A Valley couple bought a puppy from an online ad sale. After they got the dog, they realized it was very sick.

PHOENIX — A Valley family bought a dog online only to have to put him down days later after an ad sale buy gone bad.

Mang Chan and Charlotte Butorovich thought they found their dream dog on an online ad site.

“The dog was beautiful. Like he had so much in life in him. Such a good personality,” said Butorovich.

They bought the dog on April 15 and named him Mochi. They met the owner at McDonald’s.

Even though things seemed off, they paid $250 and took the Heeler-Lab puppy home. They say they found fleas and ticks on Mochi within hours of bringing him home.

“We found out he had parvo,” said Butorovich.

They took Mochi to the vet and took out a $3,000 loan to save him. Days later, Mochi’s symptoms got worse. Butorovich said he developed seizures, stopped eating and was bleeding.

When they took him back to the vet, they were told it would cost an…

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