A recent survey conducted by AARP found that veterans, active-duty service members and their families are more often targeted by scammers than non-military consumers. 

“AARP’s latest survey, ‘Scambush: Military Veterans Battle Surprise Attacks from Scams and Fraud’ finds veterans, military, and their families continue to be significantly targeted more by con-artists and are losing money more than nonmilitary/non-veterans when approached by similar scams or schemes,” according to AARP. 

The report corroborated data from the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which received nearly 66,000 fraud complaints from people in the military in 2020. In addition to fraud complaints, more than 55,000 veterans or military members filed identity theft complaints. 

The amount of money lost to those scams totaled $122 million, according to AARP. 

The number of people being solicited for scams is believed to be underreported, making the total money lost to scammers likely “far higher,” AARP added. 

Among the top 10 complaints filed by veterans and military members were impostor scams, prizes/sweepstakes/lottery scams, travel/vacation/ timeshare scams, mortgage foreclosure relief and debt management scams, according to AARP. 

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