Scam calls and texts seem to be only growing in volume, with crafty fraudsters always changing their tactics in a bid to take our money.

Whether it’s a text about a package you never ordered or a call about your suspicious criminal activity, it’s important to stay vigilant when you receive correspondence from a number you don’t recognise.

Often, scammers will pose as organisations such as your bank. To avoid falling victim to an attack or even ignoring important messages that are legitimately for you, here are some of the texts your bank may send you.


During the summer, a warning was raised over scam texts that were seemingly from AIB. They read, “A suspicious transaction was made today with your AIB Visa Card. Visit to view entire message.”

Stock image of AIB bank

The bank urges people to not click on any links they may receive in a text message. However, they may send you something similar.

For debit cards, you may receive a text from +353 87 370 0700. For consumer credit cards, it will come from +353 86 180 1719, while commercial credit cards will appear as +353 86 180 1721.

These texts may appear after you’ve made a payment outside of your normal spending habits. For example, it could be a large amount in a shop you’ve never bought from, or a transaction in a different country while you’re abroad.

It may read along the lines of, “AIB: Please confirm spend with card ending 1234. DD/MM/YY EUR 000000000 at Amazon Digital. If this…

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