Woman arrested in Waxhaw for collecting money and goods for herself under false pretense.

WAXHAW, N.C. — ‘Tis the season for scams. 

Police told WCNC Charlotte they are seeing a growing number of fraud reports, and people taking advantage of others’ generosity and holiday spirit. 

After such a tough 2020, ‘help thy neighbor’ is a lovely sentiment. But police warn you should be extra careful about who you give to.

Waxhaw’s Millbridge neighborhood recently fell victim to charity fraud.

Neighbors say Jennifer Morton put out a call to action on Facebook, saying she was collecting gifts for a “needy family.”

“Many of us were like, okay, no problem, you know, we’ll see what we can do,” said one neighbor, who asked not to be identified.

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“We thought we were joining to a good cause for, you know, a family that was really, truly in need.”

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