You’re shopping online and spot the perfect product. Even better, it has all five-star reviews! You immediately add the item to your shopping basket and checkout. But when the product comes, it’s deeply disappointing. So how did it get such glowing feedback?

It might be a difference of opinion. You could’ve received a faulty or inferior quality version to the one other people have got. Or it could be the product of click farming. And click farms can also result in social media accounts getting inflated likes and followers.

So what is a click farm? Is this an illegal scam? And how do you spot a dubious item?

How Does a Click Farm Work?

The definition of click farming is broad, as it can apply to so many online platforms. Essentially, a click farm is an enterprise that artificially inflates website engagements.

A dubious company typically gets low-paid workers to engage with a site. This could be:

  • Liking social media pages.
  • Leaving five-star reviews of products.
  • Clicking on adverts.
  • Following social media accounts.
  • Generating traffic.

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