EP2117 – What is the SBI loan scam? Why was its ex-chairman arrested? I The Urban Debate
02 NOVEMBER 2021 10:19 IST | MIRROR NOW TV | 12 MIN 40 SEC

On The Urban Debate, with Tanvi Shukla, we discuss the SBI Loan Scam currently in which Pratip Choudhari, an ex-SBI chairman was arrested in connection to a hotel project in the Jaisalmer loan scam case. Our host, explains the details of the case and how Chaudhari sold the property worth Rs 200 crores for Rs 25 crores. We have a discussion with Ajay Brahme a corporate lawyer and Madhavan Narayanan, a senior journalist. Narayanan explained to us the difference between “loans going bad” and “actual scams.” He also answers some pointed questions from our host. Next up we had Mr. Brahme explain why the ex-SBI chairman was arrested and whether or not he is actually responsible for the “scam”. Our panelists also answer some pointed questions by Ms Shukla. Keep watching to know more! #TanviShukla #TheUrbanDebate

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