By November 2016, Hayden Barnes had gotten herself a job at General Hospital with the help of Dr. Hamilton “Finn” Finn (Michael Easton). While working with him she contracted the terminal Blackwood’s Syndrome, which killed Finn’s ex-wife and from which he was suffering himself (via Soap Central). Luckily, Finn was able to develop a cure for the condition, as he is known to do. Throughout and following this ordeal, Hayden and Finn grew closer and eventually fell in love. Soon after, they discovered that Hayden was pregnant.

Despite some initial reservations, the couple settled down in a new home and prepared to welcome their baby, and even got engaged. However, their happiness was short lived when Hayden’s ex-husband Jared Preston (Matt Corboy) was released from jail after taking the blame for a crime she had committed years before (via SoapHub). She had been drunk driving and hit a young girl with her car. Jared wanted $250,000 from her so Hayden went to visit her father in prison to find a way to get the money, but he informed her that there was nothing left. Instead, Hayden embezzled the money from the hospital to pay Jared, but the discrepancy in the accounts was soon discovered. 

Hayden decided that she was going to flee the country. On their wedding day in September 2017, she left behind a note for Finn that said that she had miscarried their baby and that she was leaving Port Charles and he should move on.

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