Millions of Americans are getting a CP12 notice from the IRS about a “math error” with their taxes. Here’s what the notice means and why you should read it.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is mailing letters to millions of people, warning them of a possible error on their tax return. 

If you recently received one of these letters, experts say it’s important that you read through it. Government officials say it’s confusing but it’s not a scam. 

So what is it all about? Let’s connect the dots

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What is a CP12 notice? 

According to the IRS website, this means one or more mistakes on your tax return was corrected and it resulted in either a different refund amount or an overpayment when you thought you owed. 

Experts estimate about 9 million of these have been sent to Americans.

 What does a CP12 notice do? 

A CP12…

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