They’re an annoyance but could they be attempting to steal from you? FOCUS investigators uncover the origins of robocalls in Kentucky and how they find your number.

LOUISVILLE, Ky. — Unknown. Spam. Telemarketer. Chances are from time to time one of those words pops up on your phone with an incoming call.

Odds are it’s more than likely a robocall.

Everyone gets theses calls, but some are not trying to sell you something, they are attempting to steal from you.

These everyday annoyances prompted an investigation from our FOCUS team to dig into where these calls are coming from and what’s being done to stop. 

FOCUS investigator John Charlton was part of that project, and with a Tracfone, he opened himself up to these unwanted calls. Minutes after setting up the phone, a robocall rang even though the number wasn’t listed anywhere or given out. 

These calls persisted from robocallers at least twice day from the beginning of February.

According to a robocall indexing website, from April 2020 to March 2021, robocalls rose to 4.9 billion nationwide. That’s more than 159 million per day, 6.6 million an…

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